Edible Gardens in Small Spaces

Make Your Garden Grow Anywhere

The price of produce and flowers hinges on availability. Out of season goods (or high demand goods) will cost you more, and depending on your dietary restrictions, you’re wallet will be the one suffering.

Ease that pain with urban homesteading. Even if you only have a postage stamp patio to work with, the options below will get you growing in no time.

Potatoes, Carrots and Onions

Once your potatoes have eyes, you can either plop the whole potato into the planter, or cut the spud into separate eye stalks and plant them that way. Either way, potatoes will infiltrate and spread throughout any space they’re provided, making them ideal candidates for gathering bountiful harvests hindered only by how much space you give them to grow.

These containers are ideal for growing potatoes, but they can easily be used to grow onions and carrots, too.


Tomatoes are great for salads and making marinara. With a little patience and care, you can have a bumper crop at your fingertips. Try these options to maximize your minimal growing space.

Herbs and Flowers

Herbs, flowers, and smaller plants like strawberries have always lent themselves well to pots and planter boxes. Save floor space by growing plants vertically, or hang them on your railings to pretty up your deck or balcony.

With some time, patience and creativity, anyone can make any space an ideal spot for gardening. All that’s left is to answer: “How will your garden grow?”

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