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Whether you’re just starting your business or you’ve got years of entrepreneurship under your belt, it’s important to keep track of where your money is coming from and going out to. Bookkeepers and accountants can be worth their weight in gold come tax time, but in the interim, you canContinue Reading

Dad and kids at the beach

Father’s Day Gift Guide A dad has many roles: teacher, therapist, mechanic, plumber, carpenter, disciplinarian and supporter. Whether shopping for your own dad this Father’s Day, or your spouse, friend or loved one, our gift guide will help you find something that will speak those important men in your lifeContinue Reading

MOTHER’S DAY GIFT GUIDE Mother’s Day provides us the opportunity to show gratitude to all the women in our life who’ve been a mother to us, guided us, and supported us– whether emotionally, physically, or both. But no two women are created equally, with each having hobbies, preferred activities andContinue Reading

Ready, Set, Jet with Top Travel Gear Whether you go by plane, train or automobile, if you’re headed away from home, you’ll need gear to stow your stuff in. But not just any gear. No one wants to heft heavy luggage around or leave their belongings unsecured. And not allContinue Reading

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Make Your Garden Grow Anywhere The price of produce and flowers hinges on availability. Out of season goods (or high demand goods) will cost you more, and depending on your dietary restrictions, you’re wallet will be the one suffering. Ease that pain with urban homesteading. Even if you only haveContinue Reading

master bedroom

Sleep Sweet A bedroom isn’t just a place to sleep. It’s a safe haven and a place to unwind and recharge. You’ll spend a third of your life in bed, so if there is anywhere you should splurge to ensure comfort and bliss, it’s here. But there is a lotContinue Reading

Sweat in Style Few, if any, are born with bangin’ bodies that require no maintenance to keep them that way. While we all have to break a sweat to stay svelte, we don’t have to look frumpy doing it.  So whether you’re hitting the gym, the track or the yogaContinue Reading

Tea set ready for use

There’s Always Time for Tea Tea, in all its many varieties, is the second-most widely consumed beverage (right behind water) and is thought to have been discovered all the way back in 2737 BC by Chinese Emperor Shen-Nung. Nearly 4,800 years later, tea has found its way into parties, intoContinue Reading

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Build A Dream Home Gym: On Any Budget Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links. Damsel magazine may receive a commission if visitors click the link and make a purchase. I hear you. You want to look great, but you can’t afford to break the bank to do it. While youContinue Reading

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Stay Safe and Secure The Top Home Security Systems on the Market Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links. Damsel magazine may receive a commission if visitors click the link and make a purchase. No one likes the idea of someone breaking into their home. You spent a lifetime acquiring theContinue Reading