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Soar Friendlier Skies… In a Private Plane Imagine standing in line at the TSA security checkpoint. It’s 6:00 AM, two hours before the flight is supposed to leave. After a disturbing inspection of one’s body and belongings, it’s a waiting game at the gate with a throng of strangers, allContinue Reading

Whether the invitation you accept is from a friend, a family member, or a business associate, you have an obligation to be a good, gracious guest. But what exactly does “good” mean? It should be obvious to avoid arriving drunk or under the influence of drugs, or starting altercations withContinue Reading

Throughout the 19th century, young women would attending finishing schools (a.k.a. charm schools) to learn the social graces, behaviors and rituals expected of those in the upper echelon. These classes these schools taught included proper dining etiquette, the art of conversation, and carrying oneself with proper posture and poise amongContinue Reading

As much as we’d like to say and believe otherwise, there are limits to our skill sets and the amount of time in the day. Whether wealthy or not, it’s tempting to DIY anything and everything, relying on YouTube and search engines to piecemeal a solution together, whether that’s planningContinue Reading