About Damsel

A damsel is defined as a young woman or girl; a maiden, originally one of gentle or noble birth. In that vein, Damsel magazine strives to honor the gentle, noble female and return her to her feminine glory, and honor the gifts she brings to her home, family and society.

Once upon a time, men were men and women were women. When in public, society expected everyone to look and act their best. Somewhere along the way, dressing and behaving poorly was written off as “self-expression” and above reproach. Feminism has become a dirty word, since extremists have co-opted it to mask an agenda to oppress men and their right to expression.

There is beauty in the masculine form, inclinations and behavior, which the modern damsel appreciates and respects while earning the respect of others by embracing her femininity.

Damsel magazine says there is no shame in being feminine, in taking pride in one’s appearance and seeking the best life has to offer. Through informative articles, products, and eventually- services, Damsel helps women become ladies.